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Let there be light

On September 2011, we have witnessed Japan Archipelago’s night scene sent from International Space Station.
There, we can observe light emitted by each ship on the ocean, Tokyo’s brilliant metropolitan lights and sporadic lights seen in earthquake stricken Japan’s Northern Area on March 11, 2011. All lights were meaningful and beautiful. We can feel the strength of all lives which are carried on under the lights.

――――Light represents the Life.

Light plays essential role for the people to carry on any activities. So, if there will be a light there will be a life.
It is our eternal search for what is comfortable light in respect with each space and surrounding environment.

In praise of shadows

In Praise of Shadows

What type or kind of light we are in need of?
What should be a light we feel to be sensitive?
As we stress more and more on energy saving and save electricity after
facing shortage of energy after March 11th Disaster. We are forced to turn off lights to the minimum as we experienced in past Japanese architecture. The quality of Japanese traditional space bases quality of light in shadows.

As novelist Junichiro Tanizaki wisely pointed out in his essay, “In Praise of Shadows”:

——“By turning off to the minimum, we can see something which we did not seen before”———-

Beauty of lighting design equals to designing beautiful shadows. Our motto is to provide light where they are necessitated by necessary spaces and by achieving sensitive balance between lights and the shadows. Our light planning, through achieving perfect balance of light and shadows will bring new dimensions in architectural spaces and new added values to the spaces and environments being designed by you. Let us assist you.


With advent of energy shortage on global basis, we are now searching for new life pattern or eco-life.

We, ALG we have been proposing light planning basing our professional knowledge for many years. We have been working with clients, designers and architects by basing our philosophy and concepts. A beautiful light planning only come in when there are good collaboration with clients and architects. By working together with our clients, we have come up with an ideal circuit and control designs that coped with many environmental challenges.

We, ALG will continue to develop, propose and submit the ideal comfortable environment to meet the expectations from our clients spreading all around the world.