Architectural Lighting Group

ABOUT | Process

Phase 1 .

Conceptual Phase

Basic decisions will be made as to how each
space should be lit. However all small details of
installations and each specification to be decided
together with client, interior architect and architect
in Phase 2 and 3. we will develop a lighting concept
for the project based on background drawings
furnished to us by architect and client.

Phase 2 .

Schematic Design Phase

Here, we will produce all plan layouts for
each spaces delineated in the Scope of Works.

Phase 3 .

Design Development Phase

To make close communication with architect to
make sure that selected fixtures to be installed
without obstructions or interferences with HVAC
and security systems. Further to check and
coordinate with all materials and wirings with
mechanical and electrical engineers.

Phase 4 .

Construction Documentation Phase

All fixtures’ types, sources and special requirements
for the installation procedures are written on a cut
sheet together with their appearance and dimensions.

Phase 5 .

Supervision Phase

To make sure that our design intensions are
reflected in the construction procedure in terms
of quality, performance and in design.

Phase 6 .

Focusing Phase

Final focusing usually done together with client
and operator. Focusing of light modes will be decided
according to time, season and activities conducted
in a space.