Architectural Lighting Group

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Who we are

Architectural Lighting Group or ALG is a group dedicated for a betterment of lighting environment in the context of architecture. In recent development, many architects, owners and contractors are more aware of how a light can change the environment.

What ALG aim for

Konishi always believes that a lighting consultation should always consider and re-enhance architects’ vision and concepts. ALG believes that the creativity in project are directly influenced by the collaboration between architect. Therefore, it is imperative for the lighting consultant to enter in the early stage of planning with architect to attain cost effective, efficient and innovative solutions to meet the needs of each projects.


ALG provide a wide range of design services including, programming, planning, product controls and focusing. We will formulate what lighting concept will be suitable for each project. We will specify and make a layouts for each architectural and environmental spaces. We will also design special fixtures that will integrate with a particular space. All works of calculations that will support our solutions are done in computer.


Takeshi Konishi

Working as the executive vice-president for leading Japanese lighting company, Yamagiwa, in 1976 Konishi has successfully founded the first Japanese lighting consultation firm, TL Yamagiwa Laboratory. He has close contact with leading lighting consultant abroad, such as Claude Engle, Paul Marantz, Carroll Cline, Howard Brandston. Konishi, being educated in Berkeley with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture 1969, has experience of working as a designer in SOM makes him very effective consultant to team with architect in different parts of the world.
IALD(International Association of Lighting Designers)

Miho Konishi

Graduating Household Economy Department of Japan Women’s University, AA school in London (AA.Int/ARB/RIBA1). Working for one of leading International British architectural firm, Foster + Partners, London as Architectural Assistant. Now Miho is enrolling in ALG as director in Lighting, working for Tokyo American Club Project in Tokyo.
AA.Int/ ARB/ RIBA1(Royal Institute of British Architects)
IALD(International Association of Lighting Designers)
IES(Illuminating Engineering Society)
IEIJ(Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan)