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 2017.05.01 “Nagoya Toyopet Denkei-dori” KINDAIKENCHIKU 2017 April issue

 2017.05.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2017 May”

 2017.04.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2017 April”

 2017.03.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2017 March”

 2017.02.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2017 Febrary”

 2017.01.04 ”2016-2017 WINTER LIGHT GREETINGS”

 2017.01.04 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2017 January”


 2016.12.01Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2016 December”

 2016.11.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2016 November”

 2016.10.05 Ginza Kitcho added to Works page

 2016.10.03 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2016 October”

 2016.09.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2016 September”

 2016.08.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2016 August”

 2016.07.26 ”2016 SUMMER LIGHT GREETINGS”

 2016.07.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-2016 July”

 2016.06.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-June”

 2016.05.11 Instagram

 2016.05.06 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-May”

 2016.04.07 Nagoya TOYOPET Miyoshi Showroom added to Works page

 2016.04.04 Career

 2016.04.04 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-April”

 2016.03.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-May”

 2016.02.15 PRESIDENT WOMAN Online

 2016.02.01 Light Stories”12 Light Proverbs-February”

 2016.01.14 Toshima Eco-Musee Town” add Project Review in

 2016.01.04 Light Stories added to “12 Light Proverbs”

 2016.01.04 “Holiday Greeting 2015-2016” added to Light Greetings


 2015.12.10 Shoubu Parking Area “Shobu Hanami Chaya” added to Works page

 2015.12.10 “Vanke Metropolis79 Sales Center” Promotion Video added

 2015.08.11 “Summer Greeting 2015” added to Light Greetings

 2015.08.10 “PRESIDENT WOMAN” VOL.5 September 7th 2015 issue

 2015.08.06 “Vanke Metropolis79 Sales Center” added to Works page

 2015.05.11 “Toshima Ecomuse Town” on SHINKENCHIKU 2015 May issue

 2015.02.02 Add completion photos of “The Reach”


 2014.12.16 Update “Process” page

 2014.12.10 “Light Greetings” added to Light Stories

 2014.12.05 “Daito Bunka Uni. Higashi-Matsuyama campus Phase3″ added to Works page

 2014.12.05 “Tencent Beijing Headquarters Outdoor Flood Lighting Design Project” added to Works page

 2014.04.08 “Daito Bunka Uni. Higashi-Matsuyama campus, phase2: M-commons” on KINDAIKENTIKU 2014 April issue

 2014.01.16 “Daito Bunka Uni. Higashi-Matsuyama campus, phase2: M-commons” on SHINKENCHIKU 2014 January issue

 2014.01.16 “Taiwan Hakka Cultural Development Center” on SHINKENCHIKU 2014 January issue


 2013.10.08 “The Reach” added to “Works” page

 2013.10.01 ALG is now registered at


2012.12.11 gave a lecture at the illuminating engineering institute of Japan

2012.12.25 Completion Photo of Taiwan Hakka Cultural Development Center

2012.09.18 “DAI-ICHI-LIFE INSURANCE” KINDAIKENCHIKU 2012 September issue

2012.09.14 “Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center” GA JAPAN 118 issue

2012.09.14 “DAI-ICHI-LIFE INSURANCE Co., Ltd.” Shinkenchiku 2012 July issue


2012.06.05 added Daito Bunka Uni. Higashi-Matsuyama campus

2012.05.17 received “Lighting Design Prize, Best facilities Prize 2012” Tokyo American Club

2012.04.06 Azabu Manor, ADK Shochiku Square, City Performing Arts Center “Ryutopia”,Shinjuku Island, Minato Mirai 21 District Heating and Cooling Center Plant

2012.03.22 elected for “Lighting Design Prize, Best facilities Prize 2012” Tokyo American Club

2012.02.28 Shoten Kenchiku 2012.03 issue

2012.01.06 Nikkei Architecture 2011.12 issue


2011.11.16 About page updated

2011.10.05 Web site renewal