2015-2016 Winter Holiday Greeting

ALG would like to say A Happy New Year to you.
2016 will bring lots of Happiness and Prosperity to you All!!  


Japanese Restaurant in Ginza
(Architect: Mizusawa Komuten / Ginza, Tokyo, Japan)
Casino Hotel “Louis XIII”
(Architect: Peter Marino Architect, Tange Associates / Macau)
Nagoya Toyopet Miyoshi Showroom
(Architect: Toyota Home / Aichi, Japan)

Japanese Restaurant in Ginza

Architect: Mizusawa Komuten / Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Ginza is foremost known exclusive shopping area in Tokyo. A well-known Japanese restaurant will open their branch to serve top client in Japan. ALG has designed together with Mizusawa Komuten, most prestigious Japanese Architecture Construction Company to produce subtle taste of design where expertise of lighting will be required. Here ALG will make best suited lighting design to attract important client and foreign visitor who would like to taste top Japanese cuisine.

Casino Hotel “Louis XIII”

Architect: Peter Marino Architect, Tange Associates / Macau

ALG has been commissioned to design one of the top exclusive Casino Hotel in Macau.
The main feature will be the facade being constructed in double walls. Outer wall being designed in perforated metal which will be lit by linear LED strips running over each catwalks which have an effect of red glow. The front facade facing Cotai Strip Area will have 13m Diamond brilliantly composed by LED polygons. Another feature will be the Atrium where we have designed 8 golden angels floating on the vertical green gardens extending some 60 meters with 8 water falls. Together with interior elements the facade and Atrium will be a landmark in Macau.

Nagoya Toyopet Miyoshi Showroom

Architect: Toyota Home / Aichi, Japan

This new showroom situated outskirts of metropolitan area of Nagoya, the home of Toyota Automobile, will have new concept in lighting design. ALG have coordinated with Toyota Home designers to come up with unique lighting concept which will bring surrounding community to enjoy auto associated activities. The customer will be welcomed in more residential atmosphere where one can relax, meet with friends and share the hobbies.


Shoubu Parking Area “Shobu Hanami Chaya”
(Kengo Kuma Architects & Associates + NODE / Shoubu, Saitama, Japan)
Toshima Ward Office New Building (Toshima Eco-Musee Town)
(Kengo Kuma Architects & Associates + Nihon Sekkei / Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan)
Vanke Metropolis79 Sales Center
(Robert A.M. Stern Architects / Hangzhou, China)

Shoubu Parking Area “Shobu Hanami Chaya”(Shoubu, Saitama, Japan)

Architect:Kengo Kuma Architects & Associates + NODE Construction:Nomura Products

Toshima Ward Office New Building (Toshima Eco-Musee Town)(Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan)

Architect:Kengo Kuma Architects & Associates + Nihon Sekkei Construction:Taisei Corporation

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Vanke Metropolis79 Sales Center(Hangzhou, China)

Architect:Robert A.M. Stern Architects

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