2021-2022 Winter Light Greeting

A brief moment of dawn slowly fading to white.
Light particles leaking from the gradation of light.
May your heart be brightly surrounded.



Enlighten Asia in Japan 2021

Enlighten Asia in Japan 2021, an international seminar organized by IALD Japan, was held.
Miho Konishi took the stage and appeared in Panel Discussion “Public Policy of Lighting Designer” and On-Demand Streaming: “BACK TO THE FUTURE #7. Lighting fixtures for the global environment learning from the Edo period to create SDGs sustainable lighting”.

The panel discussion “Public Policy of Lighting Designer”

Architect Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, SDGs expert Kazuo Tase, and ALG’s Lighting Director Miho Konishi made panel discussion on What statements should a lighting design expert group (IALD Japan)should make in new normal period.

Date:November 11, 2021(Thu.)10:40-11:40
Organizer:IALD Japan

< Chapter 03> BACK TO THE FUTURE #7. Lighting fixtures for the global environment Learning from the Edo period to create SDGs sustainable lighting

Lighting designers Kazuhiro Nagashima, Hiroki Yagi, and Miho Konishi, who are members of IALD Japan, visited the Yuishuku Tokaido Akari Museum. At the museum, the director, Yoshiko Katayama and members discussed on Edo period SDGs lighting. This was a workshop and online talk show to learn about SDGs lighting fixtures.

Date:October 29th, 2021(Fri.)18:00-
Organizer:IALD Japan

Other projects

Lighting Design for New Annex Building Project at International Christian University(ICU)

ICU is going on New Campus Grand Design. One of the projects, new annex building will be completed in next year.

Architect: Kengo Kuma and Associate + Nihon Sekkei
Location: Mitaka,Tokyo

New light design for the work booth “Remote cabin”, Comany Inc.

The new lighting for the work booth, where ALG was in charge of lighting design and product design, is released on January 1th.

Special Website:https://www.comany.co.jp/news/2022/01/06/220106/
Official Website: https://www.comany.co.jp/


What can we see from the perspective of “lights” toward a sustainable society?
In the “Light+” blog on the ALG website, we will report on the activities and lights of the Edo period under the title of the “Life and Light in the Edo Period” series.

【Light+ Japan SDGs】 “Life and Light in the Edo Period” series

Life and Light in the Edo Period 1 – As a Sustainable Society

In this series, which started in September 2021, we will tell you how people in the Edo period created a sustainable and low-carbon society and how they dealt with lights.
In the first secsion, we will look in to at the lives of people in the Edo period, who managed SDGs society with their limited resources.

Life and Light in the Edo Period 2
– As a recycling-oriented society

During the Edo period (1603-1868), the city of Edo was unusually hygienic for its time. Why was it kept so hygienic?

Life and Light in the Edo Period 3
– How to interact with light (life)

Nowadays, we take “lights” for granted. What did “lights” mean to the people who lived in the Edo period?


Life and Light in the Edo Period 4-1
– How to interact with light (play)

We used to play “kageasobi” when I was a child. In fact, it had already existed since the Edo period. There are things that remain throughout the generation.


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“Towards a decarbonized society” series
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Light +

We describe the seasonal scenes and interesting words from the perspective of the lighting designer.
Serialized :“Towards a low carbon society” Series

12 Light Proverbs December

Once a month, we will introduce a proverb about light and consider about what “light is”.
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