Ina Central Hospital

Ina City which situates at the central part just below the foothill of Japan Alps has decided to consolidate a district hospital into one major hospital to serve the people in Nagano Pref. With the flat site surrounded by a majestic mountain with 96,000 ㎡, renown architect in hospital design Kisaburo Ito has come up with 6 storied building with earthquake proofed structure. This new hospital with 344 licensed beds including 4 isolated beds for infectious diseases, 4 ICU/CCU and 8 immature neonates make this hospital one of best equipped hospital in Japan. Kisaburo Ito’s intention was to offer a people visiting the hospital with best care in terms of not only with facilities but with spatial arrangement with full understanding of surrounding communal needs.

Architect:K. Ito Architects & Engineers INC.

Location:Ina / Nagano pre / Japan