At-Home and Barrier-Free Lighting Design adopted to bridge between Auto Cultures and Communities


Nagoya TOYOPET Miyoshi Showroom

Automobile sales in Japan no longer interested in selling cars per se. Now Nagoya TOYOPET President, believes that the showroom should serve people in that community.

There used to be a community center where the family or community members gather just to chat and exchange information and to share their hobbies, such as flower arrangement and art displays. However, such a space can be costly for the tax payers and gradually it disappeared from suburban cities. This is the first attempt to change the concept of showroom including coffee lounge, kid’s space, multi-purpose room with using ALG’s lighting design to make showroom a part of community. We have made the showroom as they say, “Nice to People”. We have designed the space with full of surprises, such as entertaining RGB, color temperature change according to hours of the day and various ways to make the space exciting and inviting.


Location:Miyoshi / Aichi / Japan


Nagoya TOYOPET Miyoshi Showroom

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World Architect : 名古屋トヨペット三好店ショールーム