Lighting for a new building


Tokyo Sankei Building

The architect concept was to envisage transparent box floating in the urban sky of Tokyo.
The main structure to be built at end of 20th Century especially thought to satisfy the
needs of IT technology clients. After demolishing adjoining old headquarter building, they
will make it into large open plaza to provide and oasis for the tired modern workingman.
ALG have commissioned to come up with whole lighting scheme to provide best
architectural lighting solution through out the project.
To realize modern oasis for people to gather, we have given special attention to the
periphery of the building. In this project, we have installed lighting fixtures with
adjustable mechanism to adjust to what going to happen at the plaza and peripheries.
For the interior spaces, we depended high on indirect lighting sources to attain ambience
lighting. The task lights were realized through installation of various adjustable lights
which can focus depending on ever changing floor plans.

Architect:Takenaka Corporation Tokyo Design Section

Location:Ootemachi / Chiyoda-ku / Tokyo / Japan