To Pursue Ideal Lighting through Architectural Lighting

Takeshi Konishi × Miho Konishi

To achieve the betterment of quality of life through lighting

ALG received very high evaluation by providing an added value and creating an
important epoch-making lighting messages throughout their participated projects.
By basing the lighting concepts and thoughts her father has sought,
Miho Konishi will render her new vision in lighting planning.
Both Takeshi and Miho commonly believe, “a suitable lighting planning not only will
result in added value to the space, but will influence peoples’ minds.
It will bring people together as well.”
What is core competency for ALG? Takeshi +Miho will reply,

“To provide Light
where needed to be Lit”

Throughout years of practicing Architectural Lighting, Takeshi have successfully integrated lighting with architectural elements to achieve high quality in a space, providing comfortable light environment and to express architectural identity through lighting. His practice in Architectural Lighting have won many awards and recognitions not only in Japan but in abroad as well.

In the project, the Tokyo American Club, where ALG was commissioned to design all areas excepting the backyard has been acclaimed as one of best lit facility in the world.
Here one can observe Takeshi + Miho’s strong belief in “To provide Light where needed to be Lit” to create one of the best example of sustainable Architectural Lighting.

Takeshi who instrumentally advocated the concept of Architectural Lighting, by learning from Edison Price, Claude Engle and Paul Marantz in 1980s, to spread the philosophy of new Lighting Design in Asia, have certainly changed lighting design and expanded new dimension of space in modern architecture.

The Tokyo American Club

Discussing future ALG lighting design by Miho Konishi

Passing down to
next generation……
”New Possibilities in
Lighting Design”

Miho, a daughter of Takeshi Konishi will continue in line of Takeshi’s philosophy in Lighting Design by adding new sensibility in a design. She has many new thinking and expectation in her lighting design. Her main concept in lighting is achieved through identifying what is suitable lighting in each space and to light them beautifully which will affect peoples’ minds and to bring them together with her lighting to augment present trend of separation.

Further, being a female, she has a special thought to female entering and acting as an important role in work spaces. She is striving to provide a lighting design where women can actively participate in human economy.
“By improving lighting environment will improve a living quality; a suitable lighting in a space will result in enriched quality of life as well.” This policy would be a base for her lighting design. Her design has proved in the Tokyo American Club where her careful thoughts on peoples’ needs and wants to have filtered through her warm mind made the project, one of her best example of her design based on her philosophy.

What is ALG’s Lighting Goal?

Takeshi KonishiI have been practicing my Architectural Lighting for over 40 years after graduating university studying architecture. During through the years, the Architecture has been changed immensely. In lighting, we can now use new source, LED, a digital technology with new computerized control systems to light the space. Another word, the architecture has been subjected to new advent technology of digital world where all lighting industries has shifted from analog to the digital.
We have given careful thought and strategies to absorb these new digital technologies and blend into our lighting design. We are ready to provide the most recent lighting design through integrating with leading lighting technologies available today.

Miho KonishiWe spent the most of time in a space. In that space, a work, family life and communication between one another will carried on creating a social life. We cannot ignore that our sensibilities and feelings nurtured through light. Through careful control of light and shadow, it is possible to create space with full of drama to bring space full of emotions and surprises. I would like to create a space where people will experience uncovered emotions and new discoveries through lighting design.

ALG, looking at the future of lighting design,
will discover new dimensions and possibilities and
to provide these new services to our clients.