ALG’sattempt toward the goals set by SDGs


The influence and impact of lighting occupies major role for carrying a lives of people.
We will attempt to uphold the goals defined in SDGs in terms with our “Lighting Design” which will contribute to the prosperities for mankind, society and our planet Earth.

What is SDGs?

SDGs mean “the Sustainable Development Goals” where UN established the goals the mankind should jointly achieve regardless of developed or undeveloped nations. These goals stated in SDGs will be a new target that all forms of organization or nation should achieve by 2030.


5 Light Values Contribute to Realize “New Light Century”

ALG has been dedicated to Architectural Lighting Design to search for its essence and role to upgrade the quality of space. Now, we are facing new challenges in SDG, Sustainable Development Goals, to apply into the Lighting Design. Lighting as not only to light the task and purpose of the space, but to discover and propose new means and purpose to achieve real Architectural Lighting Design.
ALG have set the Light Values as “Environment”, “Function”, “Health”, “Attractiveness” and “Sensitivity” to utilize Light as means to achieve these values. By doing so, we will be closer ever to achieve SDG.

Sensitivity―Good Lighting Design will nurture sensitivity and appreciation in human’s mind.
Beauty―Good Lighting Design will render vivid life in environment and create attractive environ.
Health―Good Lighting Design will work on human’s body and mind (psychological and physical).
Function―Good Lighting Design will act on human’s action and intelligence to bring efficiency in every task.
Ecology―Good Lighting Design will improve the quality of spatial environment resulting in global energy saving.

Our world’s social problems are ever evolving and the becoming complex. To cope with our “New Light Century”, ALG will continue to search and propose new Architectural Lighting Design for the betterment of society thru Good Lighting Design.

“ALG’s 5Light Values and SDGs”(Sustainable Development Goals)

※Largeness of Icons exhibiting ALG’s commitment in SDGs.

Lighting design to realize healthy and comfortable life

Emergence of LED made control of lighting intensity levels and color temperature possible. That means, we can provide and simulate our desired lighting environment according to “Circadian Rhythm”. By considering this inherent quality mankind have developed throughout the history, we feel that we have reached to attain sustainable lighting environment ever closer. We can propose lighting environment that will relate closer with mankind’s’ “Circadian Rhythm”.

A message to children – Light environment suitable for learning

People will perform their tasks within each lighting environment. They will concentrate, relax or to retain daily living rhythm or what we call, to achieve “Human Centric Lighting”. By basing these approaches, we would like to propose what is the ideal children’s lighting environment.

To propose women’s sparkling lighting

By considering lighting design to induce more power for women, it is must to provide healthy and stress-free lighting environment. In that respect, lighting will certainly contribute to bring in Women to working lighting environment to Sparkle.

To achieve sustainable lighting environment for our planet, Earth

A highly efficient LED or OLED can provide energy saving effects and mercury-free fixtures will be a perfect fit in the sustainable society.
ALG would like to recommend these trends together with advancement in AI, sensors, dimming controls. By utilizing these new technologies, ALG can provide new lighting design concept that can save energy at low cost.

We, at ALG, would like to provide our lighting solution that will contribute to achieving sustainable society in lighting environment.