Miho Konishi, ALG’s Lighing Designer, will hold the family event for woman action

In the family event which encourages woman’s action” Working with mothers for SDGs ‘Beautiful Mother Park'”, ALG’s Lighting Designer, Miho Konishi will hold a talk show.
“Beautiful Mother Park” is a family event which is held for realizing the purpose by Cabinet Office, “Childcare support for low birthrate society” and “Promotion of women”. This event mobilized 432,000 people in the past.
Since 2019, it has been a program for attaining SDGs’ purposes with mothers. It’s an admission free event family event they can enjoy together. Sorajiro’s fureai stage, and photo session and hand shake meeting with Shaun the sheep and so on will be held in the event.
ALG will talk about “Light Effect for children in Health・Education and Beauty of Women”, and how to get involved in light based on SDGs 17 pursposes.

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