The video introduction of OVOL Nihonbashi Building has been released.

OVOL Nihonbashi Building
To Inherit tradition and identity of City’s Culture by Façade Light Up
■Architect:Takenaka Corporation
■Location:Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Tokyo, JAPAN
Completed in 2018, this building is located along Chuo-dori in the Nihonbashi area and is a complex building with stores on the lower floors, offices on the middle floors, and hotels on the upper floors.
The vertical light extends vertically from the fixture and illuminates the pillars and the horizontal line extends horizontally harmonize with the solid buildings and fit the cityscape.
The hemp leaf pattern made of cast metal illuminates softly and creates sophisticated atmosphere of the northern entrance to Nihonbashi, the place of not only a long history but also flexibility that still constantly updated. These lighting plans received the “Lighting Design Prize” from Japan Illumination Society in 2019.
Please enjoy the rich lighting that coexists with this city, which is a main pillar of the Japanese economy.
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