Lighting toward Heaven.



One of most memorable and important architectural design by Isozaki stands at sea front of central part of Doha. The design has a reminiscent of “Metabolism” which was important architectural movement led by Kenzo Tange in 1960’s. ALG has laid lighting concept carefully in line with Isozaki’s conception. Three main shafts being in lit by 250W Metal-Halide defined the character of structure together with 120 Meter cantilevered library spaces topped with restaurants and conference rooms. At the top of shafts, narrow-beamed 500W Metal Halides shoots narrow beam into foggy night atmosphere represents the country’s commitment to intellectual development. ALG also made dramatic light planning in Miknaten or round theater outside of Library.

Architect:Atelier Arata Isozaki

Location:Qatar / Doha

Preliminary design:2002