New Lighting for Super Eco Documentation Office



This facility is an office to publish and control huge the insurance documents which will be distributed throughout Japan and abroad. The site is blessed with a terrific view of Mt. Fuji and associating mountains. Therefore, it was inevitable to consider the landscape design conceived in conjunction with surrounding woodlands making whole complex lush “Super Eco-office”. A strong architectural vocabulary with long continuous PC spandrels unified whole complex in cohesive union. Between these two long PC structures, various courtyards are formed where similar vegetation with surrounding woodlands were planted made whole landscape familiar. To create subtle light integration with landscape, we have planned to have two different color temperatures, 3000K and 4200K in both LED and metal-halide, to simulate contrast in landscape design.
Uses of LED light sources were encouraged in interior spaces where we have designed various custom design LED pendants, sconces and down lights throughout.

Architect:Takenaka Corporation

Location:Oimatsuda / Kanagawa Pref / Japan