Lighting design considering the tradition and new club life


Koganei Country Club

This country club is considered as the most prestigious one in Japan. They have demolished old obsolete clubhouse to make completely new. They asked Nihon Sekkei to design the house having some nostalgic touch yet filled with modern technologies. We have commissioned to do all phases of design throughout. Here we have used many different types of indirect and diff used light to make a space soft and relaxing.
In dining, we have designed a special pendant with CDM-R 35W/3000K as a base light and fluorescent tubes to emit a light through the slits created between curved- hammered copper sides. These rough and rustic copper sides will age and change color as time goes on is one of our signature fixtures.

Architect:Nihon Sekkei
Co-Architect:Yamashita Sekkei

Location:Koganei / Tokyo