Lighting design for a new museum in collaboration with FMS New York.



A beautifully executed architectural work and has received many recognitions as one of the top museums in the world. The architect, I.M. Pei, demanded very subtle and delicate lighting throughout the complex. This work was designed by Fisher Marantz Stone of New York and assisted by EPK+ALG. All the lighting fixtures are carefully integrated with architecture and tuned to the request of architect and curator of museum.

Architect:I.M.Pei Architects + Kibowkan
Lighting DesignFisher: Marantz Stone + ALG

Location:Shigaraki / Shiga Pref / Japan


Award:1999 “IESNY Lumen Award”
1998 “Award of Excellence” from the International Association of Lighting Designers
1997 “Lighting Design Prize, Best facilities Prize” from Japan Illumination Society