New Lighting for urban commercial facilities.


Sanno Park Tower

In the midst of Tokyo, a new 44 stored office lowers comes into being. It is situated just next to the House of Prime Minister, legislative section of the Japanese government and busy shopping district of Akasaka. The property was developed in conjunction with the Hiei Shrine, a serene hill protected for many hundreds of years. A giant staircase was designed to make the way to hundreds of worshippers who will be worshipping during the end and new years. These sharing neighbors in tightly located area make the project interesting and unique.

At the night encroaches, 27th balcony and 40th Roof Slit lit by 130W High-Pressure Sodium light. This light up was highly successful due to the contrast created with the texture of office windows being lit by higher color temperature. 27th Floor in conjunction with the Grand Entrance and the Shuttle Elevator provided the relaxed atmosphere and human feeling.

Architect:Mitsubishi Real Estate Architecture Section

Location:Akasaka / Minato-ku / Tokyo / Japan