2017-2018 Winter Light Greeting


“Light up your future”
ALG would like to say A Happy New Year to you.
2018 will bring lots of Happiness and Prosperity to you All!!

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Lighting Design Projects

Nagoya TOYOPET Dankei-Dori Showroom

(Architect:Tange Associates / Nagoya, Aichi. Japan)
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―New Lighting Scheme for the Auto Showroom―

This showroom is quite unique for providing spaces not only for selling cars but for surrounding communities’ public usage as well.

We produced a transparency and familiarity with light throughout the warm interior space based on wood. A showroom is a space where cars attract people by various illumination methods according to the situation. The moving spotlight “SALIOT” are installed in between curved wood louvers and illuminate cars at their programmed condition. In a multipurpose room for local people, we set up a spotlight with a bright and refreshing impression. In addition, we finely designed light environment which suit the space such as a nursing room with gentle and calm atmosphere and a kid’s corner with designed pendant in warm light.

PASONA Headquarter “JOB HUB SQUARE” Facade Light-up

(Otemachi, Tokyo. Japan)

――Pasona Group entertaining with Japanese Color In front of the Tokyo Station―

A human resource company, Pasona Group, has opened their new headquarter in front of Tokyo Terminal. The building has great sensitivity to “art” and “ecology.”

This building is full of art as its interior decoration so it can be called as “art building”. The exterior is also arranged by a light symbolizing the company which constantly evolves, by illuminating colorfully with RGB lighting program, in which high and low layers of the building are linked. We respect the company’s mind to care global environment.

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