2023-2024 Winter Light Greeting

Gathering light, giving rise to movement,
May it become a grand, warm radiance, illuminating the world.


International Christian University Troyer Memorial Arts and Sciences Hall

The ICU Troyer Memorial Arts and Sciences Hall, a new educational and research building aimed at integrating arts and sciences, was completed in December 2022.
Following our work on the new sports facility at ICU, we conducted the lighting design for this project.

■Architect:Kengo Kuma Architects + Associates Nihon Sekkei
■Location:Mitaka / Japan


Held by IALD Japan “Enlighten Asia in Japan 2023”

Miho Konishi planned and moderated the panel discussion held during this seminar: “What is TOTONOU lighting in the expanding world of SDGs?”

Panel discussion
“What is TOTONOU lighting in the expanding world of SDGs?”

The panelists were architect Mr. Taichi Kuma, professional “Saunner” Totonoe-Oyakata, and Dr. Yasutaka Katou, a doctor, medical doctor, and representative director of the Japanese Sauna Society, and our lighting designer Miho Konishi served as moderator. The discussion focused on the possibilities of lighting and its relationship with the SDGs under the keyword of “TOTONOU”.
■Date:November 16th, 2023(Thu) 15:30-16:30
■Organizer:IALD Japan

Waseda University Art and Architecture School “Lighting designer work”

Our lighting designer, Miho Konishi, gave a lecture at Waseda University Art and Architecture School.
In this lecture, she talked about the “work of a lighting designer” who designs “light,” one of the elements that directs space.
■Date:November 6th, 2023(Mon) 19:55-21:35
■Location:Waseda University Art and Architecture School



What is the role that lighting is expected to play in this turbulent society?
The blog “Light+”, which is currently being updated on the ALG website, introduces the ” Public Policy of Light ” series about the role of lightings and designers in society.


【Light+ Japan SDGs】 ” New lighting field ” series

■New lighting field 1 ― Prologue

“New Lighting Fields” series, started in June 2023, explores the overview and roles of new lighting in the digital age.

■New lighting field 2
―Digital signage 1

Let me introduce what is expected to expand as a dynamic media, ” Digital Signage “.

■New lighting field 3
―Digital signage 2

The range of applications for digital signage is expected to expand even further, let me introduce various display formats categorized by type.

■New lighting field 4
―Digital signage 3

Allow me to introduce the technology of projection digital signage, which is expected to provide a greater advertising impact compared to traditional paper posters, roll-up screen signs, and video displays.

More of our LIGHT blog series

■” Public Policy of Light ” series
This series examines the current state of human elements, objects, economy, culture, information, space, etc., and reflects on the roles of lighting.
■”What is reborn in a world of light and shade” series
Miho Konishi appointed Chevaliers for contributing to the advancement of Champagne, reexamines the relationship between “Champagne” and “Light”.
■”Seasonal articles” series
This is a series posting about seasonal lights.


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■Light +

【Updated every Tuesday】We describe the seasonal scenes and interesting words from the perspective of the lighting designer.
Serialized:” New lighting field ” series

■12 Light Proverbs December

【Updated on the 1st monthly】Once a month, we will introduce a proverb about light and consider about what “light is”.


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