2022-2023 Winter Light Greeting

People and Lights gradually returned to the city
The clear air set off the light
May the warm light shine on everyone




SANA MANE SAUNA SAZAE, for which ALG was in charge of the lighting plan, was completed in October 2022. This project is the second phase of construction, and our company carried out the lighting plan for SANA MANE SAUNA SAZAE following the first phase of construction.
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■ Client: Sanada Trust Co., Ltd.
■ Design: Kengo Kuma & Associates
■ Sauna supervision: TTNE corporation
■ Location: Naoshima, Kagawa Prefecture

Path of Light and Wind

Lighting designer Miho Konishi was in charge of lighting consulting, and the “Path of Light and Wind” designed by teadesign Architects has been completed.This project is a renovation of one room in a 30-year-old apartment building. We supervised the overall lighting plan and proposed a plan to make it a better living space.

■ Design: teadesign Architects
■ Lighting Consulting:Architectural Lighting Group
■ Photography: Ichiro Kawaguchi

somewhere office lounge

The office lounge for which ALG was in charge of the lighting plan was completed in May 2022.This project is a joint project with the Architectural Planning Laboratory (Nihei Seminar), Department of Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University.
Students took the lead in starting up 3D modeling and cutting out shelves. ALG put line lighting on the shelves and made a lighting plan that incorporates dimming throughout the space, making proposals that make the space more attractive.

■Design: Department of Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University
Architectural Planning Laboratory (Nihei Seminar)
■Location: Somewhere in Shibuya, Tokyo
■Department of Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University
Architectural Planning Laboratory (Nihei Seminar) HP:here


Hosted by Ryumeikan Co., Ltd. “A study meeting of SDGs” held

“Society and the role of light that we should realize in 2030”

「Miho Konishi, our lighting designer, took the stage and talked about a wide range of topics. For example, how did you come across the SDGs, how did the SDGs affect lighting, what kind of dissemination activities did you do, etc.

■Date:October 28th, 2022(Fri.) 14:40-15:00
■Organizer:Ryumeikan Co., Ltd


What is the role that lighting is expected to play in this turbulent society? The blog “Light+”, which is currently being updated on the ALG website, introduces the “Public Policy of Light” series about the role of lightings and designers in society.

【Light + Japan SDGs】 ” Public Policy of Light ” series

■Public Policy of Light 1 – Introduction

Panel discussion “Lighting Designer’s Public Policy” at Enlighten AsiA 2021 held in 2021. In 2022, we will continue that trend and look at the “Public Policy of Light” from various perspectives.In the first installment, we touch on the state and value of lighting, which is required to change in today’s turbulent society.

■Public Policy of Light 2
– Organizations related to lighting designers

The lighting industry and lighting designers rarely take center stage. What kind of organizations do you think exist in the lighting industry?

■Public Policy of Light 3
– Qualification of lighting designer

What kind of person is a lighting designer? How can I qualify as a lighting designer? Let me introduce you to some of them.


■Public Policy of Light 4
– Night landscape lighting 1

Night is the canvas of light, the place where light reveals itself. Light is governed by a precise order.

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Light +

We describe the seasonal scenes and interesting words from the perspective of the lighting designer.
Serialized :“Towards a low carbon society” Series

12 Light Proverbs December

Once a month, we will introduce a proverb about light and consider about what “light is”.
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